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Article: The new Profumeria Lanza website is born

Nasce il nuovo sito Profumeria Lanza

The new Profumeria Lanza website is born

New site, new address: to offer all visitors a more fluid, simple and complete browsing experience, Profumeria Lanza has completely redesigned its website

In addition to the change in the internet address, one of the new features, which is immediately visible, is the revisiting of the design. The interface is now more intuitive and easier to navigate thanks to redesigned menus, lighter fonts and more organized information.
The use of graphic and symbolic elements also allows you to immediately understand navigation paths and actions. On the home page, rotating banners contain space for upcoming events, ongoing promotions, news and a series of useful information.

The new Profumeria Lanza website is responsive, designed and developed to adapt to the size of all screens and allow optimal viewing for all users, whether they connect from a notebook or desktop PC or when they are on the move and connect with a smartphone or tablet.

However, this is not a simple graphic restyling, Profumeria Lanza 's intent was to completely renew the way of thinking and providing the contents and organization of the offer. The presentation of the products has therefore been completely rethought and revised, each product is now described with detailed information but organized in a streamlined and simple way, in which the advantages, characteristics and merits are clearly understandable.
Furthermore, instead of a list of products, the company wants to provide customers and potential customers with solutions for their needs, which means a complete and more intuitive reorganization of the categorization of the offer.

In the new release of the website, ample space is given to videos and supporting documents. Profumeria Lanza produces a large quantity of material which represents a precious tool capable of helping customers with simple and immediate explanations and with more technical insights.

The Blog has also been redesigned and expanded, alongside the articles that deal with topics in the perfumed world, making it a very important resource for all users looking for information or resolutions to problems, there are now specific articles that contain news, tricks or information on individual products.
Thanks to the reorganized content and blog articles, the home page now becomes a complete information platform.

"We realized that our site was no longer well structured, the contents were not well organized and their usability risked being compromised. We needed to create a simple and intuitive site also to increase and enhance the generation of potential leads. The last redesign of the site dates back to the end of 2015, a modernization was necessary. After a careful analysis aimed at defining the objectives and results to be achieved, we got to work. It was a challenging job as we had to completely rethink the method to provide content and information, but we are very satisfied with the result. The last word to our Customers."
- Massimo Lanza, owner of Profumeria Lanza.

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